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I aim to provide a reliable and competitively priced UK based source for both common and hard to find game console goods. Specialising in retro video game hardware, particularly SNES, Megadrive, Dreamcast and Saturn. Also unusual imported items like unlicensed games. I have lots of other stuff too, as you can see from the category list on the left. Worldwide shipping.


SPECIAL OFFER: Buy a Gameboy Classic 230V AC Adaptor for just £2.50!*
*When bought with any other item/s, in the same transation. Delivery cost is extra. UK 3pin 230V AC/DC adaptor for the first model Nintendo Gameboy/Classic/DMG-01

Spring 2024: Megadrive 2 clone console added to calalogue

January 2022: SMES, Megadrive, Megadrive stereo, Megadrive 2, Saturn, Super Famicom c-sync RGB cables and PAL SNES Luma sync version cables in stock.

May 2021: RGB scart switch boxes in stock now, plus others. Megadrive, Megadrive 2 and Saturn c-sync RGB cables coming very soon now too!

March 2019: S-Video & AV to HDMI Converter in stock now, perfect for use with our N64 S-Video & AV cable!

January 2018: Multi-region SNES console with factory fitted 50/60hz switch in stock, customers giving us great feedback about it!

January 2017: SNES and Super Famicom SCART cables with sync from CSYNC and Luma available now

June 2015: New stock of Nintendo 64 PAL S-Video & AV cables arrived

24.04.2015: Re-stock of Dreamcast VGA boxes. New shipment of N64 PAL version S-Video cables expected soon.

29.04.2013: A new batch of scart cables for SNES, Super Famicom, N64 and Gamecube have arrived :)

22.02.2013: We now have high quality factory produced RGB scart cables for Sega Megadrive 1, Sega Megadrive 2, Sega Master Sysytem 1 and Sega Saturn! These cables have copper braid sheilding to help prevent external interference.

August 2012: New Russian Megakey Megadrive X console in stock now

March 2012: Sega Megadrive and Master System RGB scart cables back in stock.
December 2011: RGB Scart cables for Atari Jaguar back in stock.
February 2011: Famicom single and multi cartridges arrived in stock.
March 2010: RGB PAL version NEC Turbo Grafx now available
Late May 2009: Re-stock Sega Saturn Action Replay 4M Plus
April 2009: Sega Dreamcast VGA Box back in stock. Restock of Sega Saturn consoles.
Jan 2009: Added Replacement rubber parts to make your official SNES/Super Famicom controllers feel like new!
October 2008: RGB enabled, dual region Nintendo 64 consoles back in stock
Late March 2008: Black version of Sega Saturn Action Replay 4M Plus now available. Matches the black consoles sold in the west, i.e. Europe and America.
Early March 2008: All sorts of brand new mains adaptors/power supplies arrived. Official SNES, NES, N64, PS One, Megadrive, Atari Lynx, Jaguar, Neo Geo AES & PC Engine. And some cheaper third party ones too.
Jan/Feb 2008: SNES/N64/Gamecube S-Video cables added. Plus extra Japanese Dreamcast consoles. A couple of RGB enabled import N64 consoles. Super Famicom Bomberman multitap. A white Saturn with 50/60Hz switch.
December 2007: Brand new sealed PAL Saturn games and Mad Catz controller added. Brand new Mega Drive games and ASCII controller added. Also Pokemon Pikachu pedometer gadget, brand new.
November 2007: More boxed import Saturn and Super Famicom games in stock now. NEW RGB Scart cables for Neo Geo, Megadrive 1 and Megadrive 2 in stock.

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By making a purchase, buyers agree to the following terms and conditions of sale. It is the buyers responsibility to check that what they are buying from me is suitable for their needs. Items returned as faulty are checked for unauthorized modification and/or dismantling - in this case returned items may be refused at my discretion. In all cases delivery costs and processing costs (such as paypal's seller payment processing fees) are nonrefundable, unless I am at fault. I am not responsible for items going missing in the post/mail, therefor I recommend using a delivery service with a tracking number and/or requesting insurance, both of which are always available. If your purchase does not work when you receive it you should inform me immediately. These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

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